Brawler. Hunter. Beast. Silgaire hails from the Eidan-class world of Veruvax at the edge of the second ring in Rothesis space. His culture boasts a Shamanistic relationship with their world, At 13, Silgaire completed the rites of his tribe to become a Hunter. He was 7 years early. His brash attitude and disregard for order led to his eventual banishment from his nation, setting him on the path to the Mercenary world. He has near super-human tracking skills, and can smell prey from systems away. He is Arbiter’s blood-hound, and a ruthless combatant, favouring his Arcanite Axe and bare hands over firearms.


Cast in High Quality Resin

Provided Unassembled, and unpainted. 

Concept by Ibrahem Swaid

Sculpt by Joao Ferreira

Background by Kenton Moore


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