Powerful. Evolved. Outcast. Phantasma is a member of an off-shoot of humanity that emerged roughly 200 years after the first interstellar colonies were founded. Because of an ill-understood biological relationship to the forces of Gravity and Solar Radiation, all Aelvan have abilities that make them incredibly powerful, and dangerous. Phantasma was born and raised on a Lunar isolation reserve, her people hunted and murdered at every turn by the Terran Interstellar Forces. When Phantasma heard the tale of a T.I.F. Commando who refused to kill her people and defected, she left her colony to make a life for herself as a Mercenary, hoping that one day she would cross paths with the legendary Jupiter Fox. Cast in High Quality Resin Provided Unassembled, and unpainted. Concept by Ibrahem Swaid Sculpt by Joao Ferreira Background by Kenton Moore


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