Agile. Fast. Accurate. Neutrino earned her designation for two reasons. First is her physical stature. Second is the result of a genetic anomaly affecting those born on the radiated moons of Kyrhea V09. Neutrino’s superhuman speed and agility, coupled with unerring accuracy with any projectile weapon have made her the perfect covert operative and assassin. These traits elevated her to instant fame as a Merc, Quiet and solitary, most of her prey will never know their death has come for them. She is often asked whether she once won a race on foot against a BioCy JetBike borg. She has never confirmed nor denied the question.


Cast in High Quality Resin

Provided Unassembled, and unpainted. 

Concept by Ibrahem Swaid

Sculpt by Joao Ferreira

Background by Kenton Moore


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