Fearless. Stoic. Lethal. Fox Jupiter was once a decorated Terran Interstellar Forces commando. She was a loyal soldier. Methodical, thorough, un-flinching. When the T.I.F. ordered her battalion to commit genocide on an Aelvian colony living peacefully on a jungle moon orbiting VX2EVO, her loyalty broke. Unable to commit such a heinous crime, Fox abandoned her battle brothers and escaped to the cold vacuum of space aboard their assault craft. After making a name for herself as a feared Mercenary and Pilot, she was recruited by Arbiter and now fills the roles of tactician, pilot, and peace-keeper among the team. Cast in High Quality Resin Provided Unassembled, and unpainted. Concept by Ibrahem Swaid Sculpt by Joao Ferreira Background by Kenton Moore


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