Keep your MOJO rising!


Over the last years my good friend Mr. Matt Cexwish and I have listened to and talked with hundreds of Students on our painting classes and private coachings. The most frequently asked question by far was about finding the right level of dilution for the different techniques we teach also in our video tutorials. That´s why we have developed the Dilution Helper, to solve the one thing most painters struggle with.


Have you ever heard someone saying: “Alright… I am using a very light glaze for this and that important step… It should be a milk like consistency…” – and you had now idea of what he or she was talking about?!


Dispair no more, because the solution is here: The MOJO Dilution Helper is a brand new painting aid that will allow you to control the dilution and consistency of your paint before you even go to the model. Simply paint over the control-dots and see if it matches the painted example above. The Dilution Helper will enable you to communicate your painting process on a whole new level! That way you will be able to find the right consistency, every single time, for both communicating your own painting as an instructor as well as when you are trying to follow painting instructions in a video, a painting workshop or a class.


The set consists of 38 double sided test strips made from a special developed, coated, heavy-duty JUJU ® Material that emulates the surface of a primed miniature model.


Each strip is printed on both sides. Every strip has 36 test dots printed below the painted proof dots that show you how your paint has to look like if you want to use a certain technique. That gives you 1368 tries for each Dilution Helper in total!#


Exactly half of the control-dots are pre-painted in red while the other half are blue. That way you can find the right dilution for both warm and cold colors.


The MOJO Dilution Helper comes with two high quality veneer wood covers engraved with our Logo. A chrome ring holds the tool together, so its not only handy but it will rock your painting desk in style! Show your friends and to the world that you are a true Miniature painter!


There are two different versions of the Dilution Helpers, a White and a Black Edition. The Black Edition is ment to be used on miniatures that were primed using a black basecoat, the White Edition for miniatures that were primed using white or a 2k basecoat.


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