Heartless. Aristocratic. Mercantile. Arbiter was the rightful heir of the Rothesis Foundation empire. Shortly after the death of his father, Arbiter survived an assasination attempt in a coup designed to wrest control of Rothesis from him. Thought of as little more than a whimpering, spineless, spoiled child, he was left for dead in the gutters of his homeworld. Through sheer force of will and a tactical cunning his enemies underestimated, he rebuilt a new empire as a Mercenary and now uses his amassed wealth to fund his team. Revenge is never far from his mind, and someday he will return to Hexen Faris and retake what is his.


Cast in High Quality Resin

Provided Unassembled, and unpainted. 

Concept by Ibrahem Swaid

Sculpt by Joao Ferreira

Background by Kenton Moore


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